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We help EXPATRIATES c-level executives, managers and entrepreneurs to be more efficient, more influential, more powerful and more strategic in their business and their career development.  They DEVELOP, DEPLOY & IMPLEMENT their leadership abilities faster and with ease.
We advise HR leaders on people, succession planning, and career-related issues.













3 seconds to understand Expat Solution Coaching's business

If something is planned, executed, managed or lead by people, then we can identify the human success factors of it.
And that's a starting point!

As a consequence, we help you


  • to move forward quicker and with ease,
  • to align the strengths to minimize the resistance to changes,
  • to think forward and different in terms of planning, actions, and results,
  • and for a specific PURPOSE  => this is MEANING
With my wife, we were thinking about moving to Vietnam and opening a business there. Xavier, having experience in setting a business in Vietnam, and deeply knowledgeable about expatriation issues, worked with me a roadmap, what first steps I have to work on. We worked also on my motivations to move to Vietnam and about this whole project. THANKS FOR THE "SHAKING". I AVOID PROBABLY THE MOST COSTLY MISTAKE I COULD EVER MAKE. Finally, we didn't move to Vietnam.
Jan Hoeld engineering manager
My conversations with Xavier BARILLER have been among the most profitable ones and thought-provoking as well. He gave me the push I needed. Thank you so much for your thoughts!
Tuomas H Business Owner | Marketing / Promotion
Xavier Bariller a su dans un temps court m aider à structurer ma réflexion et définir mes capacités de négociation pour aborder sereinement une opportunité d évolution professionnelle.
Laurent BESSADI Chef du Service Génie Civil à EDF
I really appreciate with this Job Interview Preparation training focuses primarily on the personality and the abilities of each candidate. I also invested (optional) in my own personal profiles and personalized coaching. This path led me to refocus on 3 essential goals: what do I really want to do, how can I do it, and why. Bravo to Mr. Bariller for his personalized advices and insights during this career transition journey, which is also useful to progress in many other situations of life.
Stéphane BESSADI Senior Water Utility Specialist / Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
J’ai principalement apprécié que la méthode soit centrée sur la personnalité et les capacités de chaque individu. J’ai aussi investi (optionnel) dans l’acquisition de mes profils personnels et un coaching personnalisé. Ce cheminement m’a aussi permis de me recentrer sur 3 objectifs essentiels : ce que je veux vraiment faire, comment je veux le faire, et pourquoi. Bravo à M. Bariller pour ses conseils personnalisés au long de ce parcours, utiles d'autres situations de la vie.
Stéphane BESSADI Senior Water Utility Specialist / Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
Xavier met en valeur et l’accent sur la RELATION HUMAINE que vous avez avec votre interviewer (entretien d'embauche). Entrer en relation avec l’interviewer est un processus humain complexe. Xavier vous donne les clés pour devenir ce très bon candidat. Il donne les clés sur COMMENT vous adapter au style de l’interviewer. La formation vous permettra de mieux cibler, contextualiser et hiérarchiser vos atouts et faiblesses, de structurer votre discours, votre démonstration.
Jérémie BARIL Recruiter at Csoft International
Le “Job Interview Preparation” est un bon outil pour apprendre à “se vendre” en entretien. La préparation inclut une liste exhaustive de compétences que j’ai utilisée comme base de travail pour identifier, parmi mes forces, celles que je dois mettre en avant pour les emplois que je vise. La préparation m’a aussi montré comment présenter mes faiblesses sous leur meilleur jour. Ce programme d’entraînement efficace m’a montré comment donner du corps et de la crédibilité à mes compétences.
Cet entraînement à l’entretien d’embauche est vraiment une méthode qui aide à gagner en connaissance de soi et à « se vendre » mieux. Elle m’a permis d’améliorer ma performance, d’être bien plus confiante et convaincante, d’être à l’aise avec moi-même et donc avec le recruteur. En y réfléchissant, lorsque vous allez à un entretien de recrutement c'est pour vendre le meilleur produit au monde : VOUS. Je recommande activement cette formation.
Vanessa COLOMBIER PR & Communication Manager
J’ai la grande chance d’être en relation avec Xavier et d’avoir pu évoluer grâce à son « Expat Forward Career Mindset Scan ». Cet outil m’a poussé à la réflexion et m’a ainsi permise d’avoir une nouvelle approche de mon évolution professionnelle. Xavier est une personne affable et possède une écoute constructive. Il est très professionnel et d’un grand soutien. Il sait m'orienter afin de mettre en évidence mes qualités et expériences professionnelles.
Olivia LAOUREUX Program Manager
Lorsque je travaillais encore dans l'empire du milieu, j'ai eu la chance de pouvoir être coaché par Xavier à un moment délicat. Il a réussi à éclaircir ma pensée et m'aider à faire le bon choix. J'utilise et je relis souvent un texte qu'il m'avait gentiment passé... et qui me sert encore dans ma vie de tous les jours.
Fabrice SPINDLER From Sales Management to Therapist
J'ai rencontré Xavier Bariller durant ma dernière année à Hanoï et je continue à entretenir avec lui des relations fréquentes. Ses qualités intellectuelles, les nombreuses expériences qu'il a accumulées tant au Viêtnam qu'en Chine et qui fondent certainement la profonde humanité qui le caractérise, son sincère attachement et son réel respect pour les gens avec qui il travaille, m'ont contraint à ne jamais le considérer autrement que comme un excellent professionnel.
Christophe LESTANG French as a Second Language Solutions Provider
Xavier creates and designs excellent presentations He has outstanding ability to deliver a message in a clear and concise way He has an outstanding knowledge base
Jan PRISLOO Human Resources Manager South Africa
I've followed Xavier's training and then get 1on1 coaching with him. His training about job interview is really powerful. I've been that good during the job interview the interviewer was really excited to get me on board. I was so excited too that I forgot to ask more about the job. I accepted the job offer. Unfortunately, this company is not for me and I'm now looking for better opportunities. That's why I prefer to keep anonymous.
Anonymous Austrian Sales Management
Xavier easily instilled some humour, lightness and wisdom in my difficult moments, the combination was unexpected. Above all, he helped me to clarify my own issues, to light up the different interactions linked to my issues. I could gain clarity on what was real and what was changeable… POSSIBLE and HOW I CAN ACT accordingly. Xavier listens very carefully, even what you don’t say. He also has a good understanding of Chinese culture and the problems expatriates face abroad.
Annie ZHANG Strategic Initiative
I've been very lucky to be in direct relationship with Xavier. Thanks to his “Expat Forward Career Mindset Scan” I have been able to evolve. This tool helped me to push forward my thinking and so to gain a new approach of my professional evolution. Xavier is an affable person and possesses a constructive listening skill. He is very professional and a great support. He knows how to orientate me in order to underline my professional qualities and experiences. Working with Xavier is worthy.
Olivia LAOUREUX Program Manager
Xavier’s Job Interview Preparation is a truly helpful method to gain self-awareness and to be ready. It really helped me to gain new perspectives about job interviews. It’s empowering. I love the Best Impression Formula. It gives you all the tips and tricks to perform way better for this exercise, to be a lot more confident, to be convincing and at ease with yourself, hence with your recruiter. I highly recommend this training to people who want to excel in “selling themselves” better.
Vanessa COLOMBIER PR & Communication Manager
The “Job Interview Preparation” is a good tool for learning how to market yourself. The training includes a very comprehensive list of skills that I used as a very useful framework to identify, among my strengths, which ones are the most relevant for the jobs I target. I didn't waste my time with this training, which quickly walked me through a step-by-step method that enabled me to build upon past professional experiences to give credit and color to my strengths.
Building rapport is a complex human process. Great candidates can understand and adapt to the person in front of them. Xavier gives you the key to become this great candidate. He gives you the key about HOW to adapt to the interviewer’s style. The training will help both novice and experienced candidates to better target, to contextualise and to organize into hierachy their strengths and weaknesses, to structure their speech, their demonstration.
Jérémie BARIL Recruiter at Csoft International
Xavier was an obvious choice when I was looking for someone able to provide me with some insights about coaching. Xavier is very committed to what he does and has an obvious expertise when it comes to C-Level coaching. I truly enjoyed talking to him. He is an excellent communicator and the services he's providing are clearly outstanding. I recommend to any executive to get in touch with Xavier. He is the "creme de la creme" when it comes to career transition!
Fabien GHYS Founder of ER
Xavier BARILLER has been able, in a short period of time, to help me 1) to structure my thought, and 2) to determine what was important for me to negociate, in order to serenely consider a professional evolution opportunity.
Laurent BESSADI Chief of Civil Engineering Service at EDF
Xavier BARILLER has outstanding communication skills 1) he quickly grasped the essence of the professional I am. 2) then he articulated and re-wrote my professional story in a way that sounds natural, and I'm comfortable with. If you need a pro to help you with your personal marketing (a mix of personal branding and storytelling) or to prepare yourself for some communication event then I warmly recomend you Xavier BARILLER
Really appreciate Xavier's time. We talked for what seemed like hours about different options for me and next steps. His expat expertise is something which has moved my thought process on five years after a mere phone conversation. I'm lucky to have found such an experienced consultant to assist me. Thank you Xavier, thank you very very much. (I prefer to remain anonymous because my current employer doesn't know I'm looking for new opportunities)
An Intrigued Brit Human Resources

You may have heard or read somewhere

"A problem can't be solved at the same level it has been created"

Said in a more practical way, it means that to solve a problem you have,
you need first to change the way you think about this problem.


Can You
(Expat C-level executive / Expat Business Owner / International Company)
Afford To Wait
For Months, Years To See Changes, To Moves Toward Your Next Evolution?




The Three Pillars Approach
in our Online Coaching, Consulting and Trainings

Expat C-Level Executive & Expat Business Owners Online Coaching Training

Mindset Shifts / Perspective Shifts Approach


It’s secret to (almost) nobody that when you want to change something you need to change your thinking.

However, knowing this fact and actually being able to change your thinking are 2 different things. You probably have noticed it. If you don’t, believe me, I know it by personal experience and by training and coaching experience.

This is why a lot of my online trainings, online self-coaching programs and one-on-one coaching work a lot on making you change your perspective about a particular situation, about yourself and others, and putting you in the right mindset.
When this is done, the rest can be unleashed.

Expat C-Level Executive & Expat Business Owners Online Coaching Training

Strengths Based Approach          


There are quite a lot of different kinds of trainings and coaching. They will bring different results.

Also, and it may sounds cliché, but

  1. we (people) are not good at everything,
  2. we don’t all believe in the same things,
  3. we don’t all approach life and work the same way, and
  4. we don’t all value the same things the same way.

As a consequence,

  1. we don’t all act and react,      
  2. envision life and project our future the same way.

This simple, and yet real truth is the major source of conflict between what we would like (things, us, others) to be and what the reality is.

This said, to get better and sustainable results quicker, I won’t try to fix what’s not working with you, like if you were a broken machine.

We’ll work together with what’s already powerful within you (or your people) to make things happen. At this point, you may think “all this sounds good, but how will you know what’s already powerful within me?”

This is where my human capital expertise enters on stage. There won’t be trials and errors!
There is a way to accurately assess your real behaviour strengths, your real mind strengths and your real deep motivation strengths. It can be done quickly, accurately and remotely – you can be anywhere in the world as long as you get a decent internet bandwidth.
There is a way to make your strengths work for you. A better way to use your brain.   

Learn more about human capital.

Expat C-Level Executive & Expat Business Owners Online Coaching Training

Strategic Communication Approach


At your level, a lot of the things you are in charge of become a reality only through others.
You will agree with me that even if there are things that only you can do, a lot of other things happen because you are in charge of managing, leading a team of people. I hope we agree on this.

Also, people do what they do their way and for their reasons. This fact is probably the one you don’t like so much. So, in order to influence what they do and how they do it, you need to communicate. And, is it necessary to say that you need to communicate in an efficient way? You may have noticed it, but people don’t all communicate the same way.

So, to explain simply what “Strategic Communication” means... it means “communicating a message in such a way that it maximizes the chance to make a certain desired outcome happen”.

This is one of my strength and this why I can help you communicate strategically – whatever we are talking about job interview or dealing with difficult people…

Learn more about Strategic Communication

Learn more about Xavier BARILLER

Is it For Me?
Private or Public Mode?
For My Issues?

Expat C-Level Executive & Expat Business Owners Online Coaching Training

Who Is It For?

Private Coaching

My online one-on-one coaching services are exclusively dedicated to already successful expatriate c-level executives, board members, expatriate business leaders, expatriate managers, and expatriate business owners.

I may consider coach really motivated aspiring leaders, in order to help them reach quicker the next step.

I work both with individuals that pay for themselves, and with individuals sent by their company.

Public Training

My online training services serve a wider range of people. They can be deployed to a part or to an entire organization.

To deploy the online trainings into your organization, or to a few selected people, please use the contact form to arrange the details.

What Kinds Of Issues?
Fields Of Interventions ?

Training & Coaching

  • expat (managers, senior leaders) job interview
  • expat (managers, senior leaders) career transition
  • expat (managers, senior leaders) career evolution
  • expat (managers, senior leaders) well-being
  • expat mind strengths optimization
  • leadership
  • soft skills
  • strategic communication
  • motivation and communication
  • stress and emotion management
  • partnership builder


Human Capital Expertises

  • expat human capital optimization for improving leadership / self-leadership abilities, team efficiency
  • expat human capital profiling for recruitment optimization / succession planning, team management, team efficiency
  • emotional and social intelligence mind strengths identification
  • communication mind strengths identification
  • behavorial communication strengths identification
  • leadership mind strengths identification
  • behavorial leadership strengths identification
  • management mind strengths identification
  • behavorial management strengths identification
  • field of motivations identification
  • field of stress identification
  • professional and cross-cultural mind strenghts identification

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