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Differences between Having Influence and Being Influential?

Differences between Having Influence and Being Influential? The Way to Gain Influence Asking the question of the differences between “Having Influence” and “Being Influential”┬áis asking the difference between “having” and “being”. And there is one! “Having” is somehow about something “outside of yourself”. Think about it. You have influence when you hold a certain position,…

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The Myth of Competency Model – the FAILURE

A) Why doesn’t it work? In this article, I will try to be as clear as possible, and make things understandable for everybody. But first, let’s recap a few basics. I) What’s a competency model? In simple terms… A model is the attempt to describe a reality A competency is an ability to do something.…

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Talent Managememt 4.0 – Toward the next generation of talent management?

About the real nature of talent management and the future of it. Well, before talking about any suspicious 4.0, let’s recap what talent management is. 1) TALENT MANAGEMENT DEFINITION According to the various author, there are various definitions. For some, Talent Management includes 7 Components: Strategic Employee Planning Talent Acquisition and Retention Performance Management Learning…

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