3 Goal Setting Mistakes You Can Avoid by asking the right questions


3 Goal Setting mistakes You Can Avoid By Asking The Right Questions

Today we’re going to talk about the 3 things to consider before diving into any kind of goal.

For some of you it might be personal goals (like becoming more assertive) or more professional goals (like finding a more suitable position or building the perfect team or making a million dollars in sales). It can be any kind of goal, but something of importance.


Let’s start!

You’ve just came up with a new idea and I know you feel so excited about it. I can feel you. Everybody has had that familiar feeling: it’s like having a sugar rush once an idea worth following crosses one’s mind. But hold your horses for a moment. First, let’s go over your goals and look at these things to consider. Before you exhaust yourself on something, it’s always good to re-evaluate and verify its worth.


The first thing you want to consider is:

Is It Realistic?

You heard me well: is it realistic?

It may sound harsh to you but let’s face it, sometimes your ideas may be too weird or sound too improbable to you, considering your current situation, that it will most likely just stay as it is: a goal inside your head. A goal inside your head…

So, what can you do to make it a reality outside your head?

Start with smaller goals for now, that will eventually lead to that bigger aim. As what they say, a journey starts with the first step. Learning a new skill could be your goal first before actually getting to your real goal. Said another way: learn how to crawl first before you go sprinting.

For example:

If you are shy and not really assertive, speaking in front an audience of 1000 people may not be the priority for you.
It may be more useful and worthy for you to first be able to say “no” and to be able to express yourself clearly in front of this intimidating colleague.

Let’s see now the second thing you should consider:

What Are The Potential Problems That Might Prevent You From Achieving It?

Be aware and remember that there will always be problems along the way.

I don’t seek to discourage you… but I just want to tell you that these things are normal.
Even more, it would be very suspicious or alarming if you won’t have any problem along the way.

So, what can you do?

It may sound common sense, but probably it worth reminding it… Before facing those problems, you can equip yourself and be ready for them by identifying them first.
Simply, list down the possible drawbacks you might face or your competitors (if necessary).
As a consequence, you won’t be sending yourself to the battle unarmed.

For example:

To make your million dollars in sales, you may realize that your market is not big enough… yet!
As a consequence, you may have to consider enlarging it. It may requires first educating your potential market. So, you may have to produce some form of educational material. Can you produce it by yourself or do you need an external help? How much time and money is it going to cost? And so on…

Now is the third thing you should consider:

Have You Established Milestones to Review?

Why should you establish milestones that you can review periodically?   

If you do so, you will be able to assess how far you’ve gone since the first day you started on making your dreams happen.
Like playing games, you’d brag to your friends as to what level you are on because you know how far you’ve come from where you’ve started.
This is also a good way to motivate yourself.
Give yourself a tap on the back once in a while, it will surely boost your confidence.

For example:

To find a more suitable job, milestones include (and maybe not in this order):
– defining what a more suitable job looks like to you,
– defining priorities, what’s acceptable, what is not,
– raising up your self-awareness about your behavioural strengths, your mind strengths, your deep motivations,
– rewriting your LinkedIn summary, your job experiences,
– really starting to envisage to have a “from inside toward outside” job search approach instead of a “let’s put myself in these cases” job search approach that probably already led you where you are right now. Why making 2 times the same mistakes?
And so on…

If you have reviewed all of these during your goal-setting and if you can confidently say that your path in pursuit of your dreams is laid out, then, by all means, go and make them happen.
Do not let anything hold you back from the fulfilling the picture you are seeing for your future.

Let’s recap:

  1. The feasibility of your goals
  2. Potential problems along the way
  3. Establishing milestones


  1. Start small but dream big.
  2. Be ready for anything that will come along the way, and lastly,
  3. Reward yourself from time to time for everything you’ve gone through.

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