3 Questions every job seeker should be able to answer


The 3 Questions Every Job Seeker Should Be Able To Answer
Before Applying to / Moving to / Accepting A New Job

especially if you’re looking for more than a monthly pay check!!!

I’m often asked

“what’s the basic about applying to a job?”,
“should I continue in this position?”,
“What do you think about my professional project?”,
“I’m not sure if I should take this opportunity or not that is offered to me?”,
and the list goes on…

So, I’m going to give you 3 questions that you must be able to answer … at least for yourself… if you’re looking for more than a monthly pay check!

This video/article is for you, If you’re

Looking for a new job,
Wondering if you are going to accept that job offer or not,
Questioning your current career path,
Wondering if you’re going to stay in that job, in that industry, in that company,

Or, if you have no idea what and where the hell you want to spend the next few years.

Then, these 3 questions, that are damn simple and right to the point, will help you see clearer.
And the answers to these 3 questions will bring clarity and directions.

Ready for the strike?

  • Can you do this job very well? Seriously, can you be really good at it?

There are only 3 answers: “yes/no/maybe” and then “Why?”
Why would you be very good at this job?
Is it a matter of knowledge, skills, experiences or something else?
So, what’s this something else?
What made you answer “maybe”?

  • Can you do the job very well on the long term?

Because we all know that we can force ourselves to do a job very well for a certain period of time, maybe 2 hours, 2 weeks or 3 months.

Because, we have to convince, to seduce.
Because we know we are watched by the employer, the buyer.
But when you force yourself to do, to perform a certain thing, or a certain set of things that

1) you’re not really good at,
2) you don’t enjoy much, and
3) in a way that is not really natural to you.

Then, the performance is going to decrease quickly.
And with no doubt your satisfaction with it, and quite probably your level of self-esteem.

The enthusiasm of the beginning, and the energy that goes with, will quickly fade away.
In most cases, it’s not a matter of intelligence!
It’s a matter of Using Your Self :

  • how do you use your self/
  • who you are and
  • your Natural Strengths.
  • What are you driven by?

Are you looking to express your own unicity and creativity?
Are you looking to get power? To do what with this power?
Do you enjoy to multiply the potential of anything you’re dealing with by 2, 3 or 4 …?

You need to know what you are driven by. Seriously, no joke!

I could leave you here with these 3 questions, and … GOOD LUCK!
But I’m going to give you an extra-help!

I told you those questions are not complicated to understand, no tricks!
But they strike right to the point!

So that’s not the questions that are complicated. It’s the freaking answers!


They are difficult to answer because they are questioning

who you are,
how you do things,
what you’re good at, and
what your deep drivers, your deep motivations are.

In my experience, when facing with these questions, most people are unable to answer.
And most people won’t even try to find the answers.
Either, they run away, they elude, they invent or vomit the same “I’m a hard worker”, “good team player”, “I’m a good leader”.

Well… They make up something, because somehow they know they have to say something.

But, if you’re looking for more than a monthly pay check, THEN don’t run away, don’t elude, don’t invent and don’t vomit.

To tell you the truth, we’re not used to think in these terms.
And we lack practical and clear data about ourselves.
Even for the most introspective ones of us, it’s far from being obvious.

Moreover, studies have shown that we (more than 95% of people) are not perfectly aware about ourselves and more important, we have perception biases about ourselves!

This last point is extremely important. Because, the consequences are very real.

On one hand, that’s what leads us to “I thought I could do it, but … no!” situations and other “I thought I could bear it, but… I can’t stand it no more” situations.

And on the other hand, that leads us

– to not move forward,
– to lack self-confidence in our abilities to make something, or
– to make, to try something completely different or in a different way.

To find the answers to these questions, you don’t need to meditate in a cave for 3 years, neither ask God for illumination, or do a serious vegan diet, or ask all your friends and colleagues what they think about you. Nope!

There is a way more cost effective, time saving
and accurate way to get all the answers!

And, what if I tell you can get all the answers in 30 to 45 minutes?

Pretty amazing, right?

When you’ll get all your personal answers, you’ll be in the “less than 5% of the people on Earth” that have a really superior level of self-awareness.

You’ll be able, about any job, to answer those 3 questions

1) Can I do this job very well?

2) Can I do this job very well on the long term?

3) What am I driven by?

Getting those answers makes way easier your abilities

– to choose or not a job,
– to choose a new career path,
– to change what is changeable inside your current or your next job to improve both your satisfaction and your level of performance,
– to convince the recruiter you’re the right fit for the job.

Said in another way, those answers will make way easier your abilities to SELL YOURSELF either during a job interview, a job tasks/responsibilities evolution, or even a career change.

You probably remember I said: “Because, we have to convince, to seduce. Because we know we are watched by the employer, the buyer.”
Because whoever you want to convince … a recruiter to hire you, or to convince yourself / your family /your HR manager of your next career evolution, your job responsibilities evolution, they will either believe you/ support you … OR NOT! It’s that simple.
But, they will hire/support you only if, in their head, they BUY what you’re trying to SELL.

Earlier I told you I’m going to give you an extra-help.

But it’s not a one way thing,
and it’s not for everyone!

As we are talking about your way to earn your life, to manage your career, and your job satisfaction, it cannot be free.

There will be a price.



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