360° Leadership Feedback Analysis

Expat Solution Coaching provides
a 360° Leadership feedback assessment.

Discover how people perceive your leadership!


The 360 leadership feedback assessment is not intended to evaluate your abilities but to evaluate how your actions are perceived by others: superior, peers, followers, clients...

While the way they rate you is not an absolute truth, it's still a relative truth. So, we could believe "why should I care if all they say is not really real?".

Well, this is really real... for them. And it has consequences in real life! It has consequences, because people tend to act, react, feel, think, make judgments and take a decision based on their perceptions of reality.

As a consequence, it is often an eye-opener.


We assess how people perceive you as

  • Being a visionary and strategic thinker
  • Demonstrating effective leadership
  • Managing effectively people
  • Communicating effectively
  • Serving external and internal customers well
  • Managing projects effectively
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Facilitating cooperation & teamwork effectively


Potential issues:

succession planning, communication, interpersonal relationship, leadership, management, employee engagement & retention, teamwork, alignment, strategic planning, culture change, change management,…