Organizational Health Checkup Assessment

Expat Solution Coaching provides
Organizational Health Checkup Assessment.

An instant view of your organizational health!


The Organizational Health Checkup (OHC) is a business diagnostic tool developed exclusively to help executives assess levels of overall performance in a controlled, accurate and effective way by measuring performance in eleven (11) core dimensions of business success. This holistic approach to understanding any business serves as the first step in identifying areas that require further investigation and development to achieve superior performance organization- wide.

The Organizational Health Checkup often serves as the first step in helping you determine where energy needs to be focused, where the greatest potential for business improvements lie and where additional business diagnostics may be required to uncover and correct existing issues.


The 11 core business dimensions that drive performance and profitability are:

Personal – how do the individuals in your organization feel?

Employee Alignment – is everyone driving for results and profits?

Personnel – how effectively do you lead people?

Team Effectiveness – how strong are your teams?

Leadership – how trusted and inspiring is your leadership?

Strategy & Planning – how comprehensive and secure is your strategy?

Customer Service – how loyal are your customers?

Sales & Marketing – does your pitch resonate and do your people sell?

Operations – do you run efficient and quality operations?

Cultural – how cohesive and beneficial is your culture?

Management – how effectively do you manage things?