Professional and Cross-Cultural Mind Talents Assessments

Expat Solution Coaching provides
Professional and Cross-Cultural Mind Talents Assessments.

Does the person has the mind talents to live, work and deal with people from another culture?
Making the cross-cultural mind abilities tangible?


This assessment is based, for the technology and the scientific aspects, on the previous mind talent assessment I've already presented.

Then, I have curated the scientific literature about the factors that have an influence on the ability to deal with another culture.  It came to no surprise that those factors are mind factors. And to be more precise these factors are about mind abilities, which are mind talents!

This assessment is the ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD, and I'm the person who created it.

This assessment provides also the current level of self-esteem/self-belief, role awareness and sense of self-direction of the person assessed.

These last factors are critical to anybody, but they suddenly take an even more important place when the people are immersed in a foreign culture and deal with people from this culture. They take an even more important space because these factors are about how the person feels about himself, herself.

While these factors may be low at the moment the person takes the assessment, you must be assured that with an appropriate coaching we can boost these factors. And this will make all the difference.