Expat Solution Coaching offers clear pathways to results.

Our experience over the years brought us to develop different frameworks, processes that help 

  • private individuals, and
  • corporate clients

to drive, to lead initiatives, changes, transitions (in a way or another) in 3 different ways:

  1. career evolution, career transition, career development, anti-derailment career,
  2. organizational development, organizational change, organizational turnaround,
  3. leadership development.

For a lot of CxO, business owners, leaders, managers, leadership development doesn't resonate. It doesn't mean a damn thing for them. And I tend to quite agree with them. The reason is that it's pretty difficult to "force" some leadership development. To be honest, it can really work ONLY WHEN the individual face difficulties, has to stretch his, her current limits either in his, her role, responsibilities and his, her abilities to make things happen. So, often, leadership development happens when a leader has to lead some kinds of change at an organizational level. Then, the (current or future) leader will feel that he, she has to "upgrade his, her game level".

Real leadership development initiatives will be really successful only when they address current issues, current needs.



"Clear pathways to results", what does it mean?

I believe the words are pretty self-explanatory. But, a few words more may not be useless. 

This means that when you come to us for help, assistance with a specific issue, we are capable to drive you toward the results you want to achieve quicker and easier than what you could do alone. In a business setting, time is money.

Even if all your world doesn't turn around money, you understand that money is a kind of mandatory energy to make your organization alive (paying yourself, your employees, taxes...). So, either you earn money or you save it. Basically, Expat Solution Coaching, through proven to work processes, helps you shorten the needed time to see results happen. You can see it as either earning or saving money. It's a matter of perspective.

A clear pathway to results includes guidance to decision-making and support in implementation. Even if we have different tools and processes, we do not replace our client. We do not have the objective of taking the place of the leader, of doing in his, her place - as interim management could be. We position ourselves as a strategic business partner, who is present in difficult times, when in doubt, when it is necessary to clarify, prepare, plan and act alone or through others. 

Some situations can include

  • Engaging and mobilizing employees, from setting expectations to acknowledging employees and adjusting one’s leadership style to the right situation.
  • Creating and following a development plan.
  • Having a leader's scoreboard.
  • Career planning.
  • Thinking comprehensively about complex issues.
  • Thinking strategically.
  • Managing up.
  • Developing one’s sphere of influence of professional relationships in the organization.
  • Leading change.
  • Creating a high-performance team.
  • Influencing others.
  • Getting ideas accepted throughout the organization.
  • Changing a key behavior to build on strengths or eliminate a behavioral blind spot, in order to move one’s career ahead.
  • Reframing a limiting perception that is holding one’s performance back.
  • Executing effectively and movings things forward to results.
  • Communicating simply and powerfully.
  • Resolving conflicts.
  • Developing the attitudes of the leader, including resilience, balancing results and relationships, and generating the right attitude for the situation.


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