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What Makes Xavier BARILLER

Able To Help Me

Reach Quicker My Next Step?

What Makes Xavier BARILLER

Able To Help My Company

Reach Quicker The Next Step?

This is the part of the website where I should  more talk about myself.


I understand you would like to know me a bit more before working directly with me.

This is  a reasonable request.
However, be aware that I'm not going to talk about my whole life.
I'm not going to speak about me at the third person. No "He bla bla...", no "Xavier BARILLER bla bla..."
I assume what I'm saying, and won't write like if I were interviewed by a journalist.


Me in a few words

  • Native French speaker
  • Working expat experience in China
  • Working expat experience in Vietnam 
  • Working relationships (including with peers) with individuals and professionals from North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia, India.

My Academic and Professional certifications in a few words

  • HND equivalent in Ceramic industries
  • Master of Sciences - Using and Making New Materials
  • Master of Business Administration


  • Certified Behavioral-Cognitive Soft Skills Trainer
  • Certified Solution Focused and Systemic approach Coach (ICF accredited)
  • Certified Behavioral Analyst
  • Certified Mind Strenghts / Mind Attributes Analyst
  • Certified Values / Deep Motivation Analyst
  • Ongoing Professional & Personal Growth , that sometimes is ICF accredited


A Bit More About Myself

A Long Quiet Journey

Don't trust people who tell you they've been through a long quiet journey during their expatriation, or their life in general.
Don't trust them!
Because either they are lying to you, and they want to hide you that it has been difficult for them, a kind of disgrace that must be kept hidden.
So, how can you trust them to help you when you are facing difficulties?!
Or, it's true. Their life has been a long quiet journey and...
They are probably pleasant people, with lot of qualities, but if it comes to "dirty fight''...

How can you trust them to be able to help you when you are facing difficulties?!

From my point of view, people that always say "it was easy" are either lying or they have never been really challenged and put themselves to the test.

Of course, during my expatriations I held different positions.
Of course, I faced the "what's next now? / What could it be? / How Can I get it?"
Of course, I faced moments of feeling lost and discouragement.
Of course, from times to times things looked chaotic and lacked of alignment, structure, meaning.

Of course, feeling challenged does not have the same flavour for everybody. They are a few factors in the game.
And when something is no more a challenge, it means you evolved and probably grew up in a way or another.
In a way or another, because me, you, your people are not monolithic.
We are multidimensional beings.


An entrepeneurship way full of successes

Don't trust people who tell you they can succeed anything, anywhere, any time and under any circumstances.
Don't trust them!
Because they are lying to you!
Success, and business success, is a mater of alignment of different factors and structure.
As business, companies ultimately exist for people and by people, and as people are by nature not all the same, there are intrinsic people factors and extrinsic environmental factors that lead to success or failure.

I held different entrepreneur roles in China, in Vietnam, in France.
I had my share of failures.
I can tell you I failed my ambitious Joint Venture project in China, in which I put a lot of hopes.
I felt the disappointment flavor on my tongue.
I got up again, and went to another venture.


As use to sing Franck SINATRA in his song "My Way"
"For what is a man, what has he got ?
If not himself, then he has naught,
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows,
And did it my way !"
I took these different entrepreneur roles, the success, the failures ...my way!


Of course, on the way I learned a few things and a few tricks. 😉
Of course, IN NO WAY, I will lead you to follow my way!
I truly believe we all have different things to live and go through during this life.
This is why your way is particular to you and only you can follow it. The same for me.
But, of course there are pitfalls and mistakes that can be avoided.
Of course there are business pitfalls and mistakes that can be avoided.
I don't pretend to know all of them, but when it comes down to people... there are human factors.

If you don't believe human factors are way more important than a good oiled business plan, just think about it for a few seconds:
"Who's going to make your well oiled business plan a reality?"
Right, PEOPLE!
And here I will definetely help you.
I have the necessary empathetic talents, the knowledge, the tools and the experience.
Well, said in other words, I'm a trained and certified professional coach, and ... I know my stuff!


Also, beside this training and coaching business, I'm also involved in another business.
Working  with me as a coach / human capital consultant is working with a professional
that understand what business owners, business leaders face, what taking decision means,
what it involves, how making a vision a reality can be challenging.
Knowing, Doing and the reality of success

I could tell you right now what are the ingredients that lead to success but it may not makes any difference for you now.
Because "knowing" and "being able to do" are 2 different things.
Knowledge and actions are not the same things! As simple as that, but true!
It's not a matter of intelligence or education. It's principaly a matter of people factor.
My job as a coach, and human capital expert is not simply to tell you what you should do.
In a lot of cases, this is simply inefficient and definitely not enough.

My job is to help you identify the various factors, leverage the various strengths, minimizing the risks
and pushing to wize actions, in order to reach your goal.

Researching, Learning, Experimenting, Inventing, Sharing-Teaching

I literally spend 1000's of hours over the last 10 years researching, learning and experimenting things in the fields of human sciences, in the field of cross-culture matters applied or not to the work life.
I studied also a lot of the psychological and professional (leadership, management, abilities, skills) assessments, how they work, based on what.
Of course I don't pretend to know all of them, as there are many vendors.
Even if vendors don't say it, these assessments have a lot of common ground. I'm pretty able to recognize them.

Needless to say this has a huge cost.

This way lead me to become the first and one of the rare French speaker knowlegeable enough to understand and use correctly the sicence of Formal Axiology - also known as the science of values or the science of decision making.

Also, based on these researches, I created the only objective "Cross-Culture & Professional Mind Abilities" assessment available on the world market today, based on the Formal Axiology science and the researches in the intercultural/cross-culture field.

Sick of reading, hearing misunderstandings, misleadings informations about human capital, I designed the "Differences Between Human Resource and Human Capital" presentation available on slideshare. This presentation became soon a world reference. You can google/yahoo "Differences Between Human Resource and Human Capital" and you'll find my presentation in the top 3 of the results.

Resarch "Evaluate the impacts of Sino-Western cultural issues on western expatriate assignment in China"

My role in this research: being interviewed, sharing thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

This research forms part of the Master’s Degree in International Business at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Research "How lack of facial expression impacts on coaches and their coaching"

My role in this research: being interviewed, sharing thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

This research project investigates whether and, if so, how working with a coachee who shows limited facial expression impacts on the coaching session.
As part of this research, coaches who have worked with clients who exhibited limited facial expression are interviewed.

This research forms part of the MSc qualification in Executive Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School, the University of Reading.
This project has been subject to ethical review in accordance with the procedures specified by the University of Reading Research Ethics Committee and has been given a favourable ethical opinion for conduct.

Research "Comparison of different Emotional Intelligence models and Emotional Intelligence assessments"

Today, almost everybody is aware that Emotional Intelligence is a crucial factor for personal and professional success.

The question is: what do we put behind the concept of "Emotional Intelligence"?
To make the concept more concrete, more understandable and useful, we need to know what to "put in".
To do that, we can talk about situations that highlight particular skills, abilities.
So, what skills or abilities can define Emotional Intelligence?

I compared different models of Emotional Intelligence:
- who includes what?
- how do they present it?
- how do they assess it?
- can the assessment be biased?
- how/why can it be biased?
- do they speak about the same things, but with different vocabulary?


My role in this research: Filling up 2 validated and accepted assessments.
Giving feedback, insights about how I did to recognize emotions on the photos.
Sharing thoughts  on the limits of the widely accepted Reading the Mind in the Eye Test

The purpose of this current research is to explore the connections
between the axiological and psychological concepts of empathy. 

Being Human project - 4 years

Conduct experimentations, with another expert, using martial art practice as a media,
to explore the “let go”, the expression of feelings, emotions and archetypes,
and the dynamic of the relationship.

The aim is to practice Authenticity, to develop a Care Attitude toward self and others,
Resilience, Self-Responsibility and Self-Awareness about our own internal states.

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