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"Online Shelve" Training Library

I propose an ongoing growing library of trainings and self-coaching programs.

The trainings are hosted on my e-learning platform.
It's an investment I made. It avoids any interruption possible with
this website.

They are focussed on a particular subject.
They always do what they say they do (for each see the presentation page).
You can pick them up each time you need one, face a new challenge.
You can have access to the training at anytime, anywhere on the planet, as long as you have a decent internet connection.
Your programs follow you anywhere.


You can easily deploy them to your employees.
Use the contact form to arrange the deployment.


Online Coaching

You'd be surprised about ho much can be done in one hour of a laser focussed coaching session.

If you never tried it, you may be a bit reluctant not to see face to face the coach you're dialoguing with, and ... you'd be like most people!

But all the doubts my former clients had about this online coaching mode disappeared after the first session. All of them would recommend it for its efficiency and conveniency.

Remember one thing: I'm a professional certified coach, and coaching a person only with the voice requires a set of skills.


Science At Work

As I have a scientific background (Master of Using and Making New Materials - University of Valenciennes - France), I see the benefits for you of following a training or coaching program that is grounded in a scientific approach.

It doesn't mean that you must have Master degree or Phd to follow and benefit from the programs. For you, it simply means that what you are going to follow is clearly articulated and structured, in most cases repetable and is "scientific proof".

Everything I propose is the sum of years of researches and experimentations. Researches that I did myself or collected and reorganized from scientific publications.


People Centric Approach

Even if I have a scientific background and a business background (academic and professional), it sounds just common sense to me that the ultimate purpose of what I propose must benefit to PEOPLE FIRST and HAVE TANGIBLE IMPACT IN THEIR REAL LIFE and PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING.

So, providing theory just for theory sake is not so much valuable - providing something that is only "interesting" or even "very interesting" is not my goal for you. My goal is to provide at least "How to" level content.

To reach this "People Centric Approach", I'm going to use my knowledge (professional certifications and personal reseaches) and my experience of using this knowledge of the people sciences: behavorial science, cognitive-behavorial science, axiology (science of values, also known as the science of decision making), neuroscience, anthropolgy.


Creative Design & Content

As I love graphic design, I tend to include - and as much as possible create myself - inside the trainings and self-coaching program creative piece of graphic design that illustrate the content and inspire you.

(I created all the graphic design on this page.)

The trainings and self-coaching programs include also

  • audios,
  • videos,
  • presentations,
  • images,
  • texts, and
  • documents ready to download.

Speak Your Mind:
Tell Me About Your Needs, What You Want

So I invite you to contact me, to speak your mind.
Tell me:

  1. what you really need,
  2. in what context,
  3. for what purpose and
  4. if your needs come from YOU as an INDIVIDUAL or YOU as a COMPANY.

I'm going to be honest: it makes a difference for me. As an entrepreneur, I have to optimize my investment on content creation and the return on my investment. But, this does not mean that needs from individuals will be ignored.

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