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When I have time I write articles, shares food for thoughts, ideas and concepts, give advices to peers (management, leadership, people issues, consulting, coaching...).

I don't do that as often as I would like, but ...
here are some real screen copies of their recognition for the value I bring.
These people are highly professional in their field and in their countries.

A few years ago, sick of reading, hearing misunderstandings about human capital, I designed the "Differences Between Human Resource and Human Capital" presentation available on slideshare. This presentation became soon a world reference. You can google/yahoo "Differences Between Human Resource and Human Capital" and you'll find my presentation in the top 3 of the results.

At the moment you read this page, this presentation has been seen more than 40 000 times in the world.
I received congratulations from people around the world.

I have been acknowledge (and sometimes asked the permission) by HR professionals and universities professors of the use of my presentation for the purpose of educating their students, their colleagues.

This presentation has also been the inspiration source for a major SAP company in Phillipines.

You benefited from my experience, knowledge, skills

You gain some value from our interaction

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