PATHWAYS TO OVERCOME OVERWHELMTH - Cooling down and getting your life back

Feeling Overwhelmed? How To Cool Down and Get Your Life Back When Self-Help Literature and Time Management Training Are Not Enough.

Do you feel overwhelmed? and at the same time, at the very limit of asphyxia?

Feeling overwhelmed, seeing the time flying away happens to all of us ... from time to time.

It's even more true to those in the position of having responsibilities, of making decisions for others, for the company. It can become a serious issue when it reaches such a level you feel you can't breathe anymore. And with the time that is flying away, it's also your life that is flying away! But it doesn't have to be that way!
You must know that we can't really manage time because time is ... time. It's kind of "alive" by itself.

However, if you can't manage time, you can manage WHAT you fill your time with!
Let's be honest, if you feel overwhelmed it's because you can no more manage everything "you have on the table".
It may be hard to admit, but it's that simple. You -and probably other people in your organization or in your personal life (or at least other parts of your life)- are suffering from this status quo.
Nervous breakdown, burn out, or worse ulcer and heart attack may knock at your door one of these next mornings.

It's time to "clean your table".

I'll walk you through a proven 4 steps process that will help you get your life back, by reordering the priorities, the tasks, the responsibilities, the goals.


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