How to develop your sphere of influence, building a strong power base to achieve what you want.

As a leader, a manager, what's one of your most important asset?

Some of you already have the answer.
Other readers believe it's their experiences, their skills.
While this is important, there is something of even more importance.


Think about it for a second.
As a leader, everything you're in charge of happens through others. It may appear counter-intuitive, but it's not about you as a doer of - let's say - writing lines of code for software development. It's about you as a builder of relationships with others. So, as a leader, a manager, relationships is one of your most important currencies. They are the base of your power.

Some leaders and managers build their base of professional relationships proactively.
For some, it's very intuitive and they just do it, while others have a blind spot when it comes to constantly nurturing and strengthening their professional relationships.

If you really want to increase the base of your power, you can only increase it through relationships. Your professional relationships allow you to make things happen, to find out about opportunities before they're announced publically, and gain access to resources and knowledge that others don’t have.

So now, the question is "what do your professional relationships look like?"
The following example will probably speak to a lot of you:

You need somebody - that is not under your supervision, but somehow at the same or lower level than you in the global hierarchy - to do something vital to complete your project - let's say an analysis with a report about some legal issues.
You ask this person if he/she can do it, and you know it's not a big deal for him/her. He/she says yes. But after a while, you don't see anything coming. You get angry, frustrated and come back to the person asking when is the job will be done.
You may even throw some kind of "after all, we're all in the same boat and working for our customers". And you receive something like "Who the hell do you think you are? I'm not working for you and that's perfect like that."


In this example, you see clearly that you don't get in time what you need.
The emotional counters are panicking. The relationship is seriously at risk.

To be fair, and like in a lot of daily professional relationship interactions, in this example, there could be a lot of underlying issues. The main point is you could probably have in time what you needed if you had built a stronger relationship with this person or with the manager of this person.

Be confident, I'll walk you through a proven process that will help you improve your network - and I'm not speaking about accepting every LinkedIn connection requests.
From where you are and where you want/need to go, we'll work on your desired future and so improve your network (they may be inside or outside your organization).
We'll work on identifying key people you need to build relationship with, and how to do it.


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