How to Make sustainable choices in business and in your career evolution?


This article is for the ones who make choices and wonder/are curious if and how they can sustain them. This article has been inspired by conversations I had with various clients.


Some generalities

Allow me to start by a few generalities. We all have to make choices from times to times. Some don't have major consequences, while others really matter!

Choices that matter are usually the ones that involve some kind of changes at various levels.


Regarding changes

There are the ones we decide to take - because after all we are humans and we evolve, seeking something new, something better for ourselves and close ones...

And there are the changes that become imperatives!

Those last ones are dictated by external forces, such as the loss of job, loss of savings, market changes, natural disasters, climate changes, technology disruption...

We can regroup them under the category of environmental factors - environmental in its widest meaning. Environmental in the sense of "outside of self/one's will".

Not considering those environmental factors is risking death, extinction, or at least a very worst situation.



It's all about duration - quite easy to understand - and results.


Defining "making sustainable choices"?

Making sustainable choices is making choices that will produce the desired outcomes (again and again) on the long run.


What does it take to make sustainable choices?

1) It seems quite obvious that we first need to define the "desired outcomes", the "desired results".

If we don't, we'll make blind choices that will produce ... something! BUT WHAT and for WHAT PURPOSE?


2) The word is said: PURPOSE

If there's no purpose, we'll get results that serve ... NOTHING!

When you think about it, a purpose can be (maybe) "only" a step ... in something bigger.

This bigger something is generally what we call a VISION.


 Let me give you some examples. Let's imagine:


-desired outcomemaking cars that accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in 2 seconds

-purpose: if not define, then you just got a great technology that serves to nothing!

If you believe customers will figure out the use by themselves, you probably lure yourself

-sustainabilitya few months?...



-desired outcomemaking cars that decelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in 1 second

-purposereducing deceleration distances to save lives and reducing numbers of driving accidents

-sustainabilitymaybe not very long IF ... the deceleration causes great injuries to the car passengers and to the driver and generate more accidents with the following (less advanced) cars. For the following cars, it will be like if suddenly they face a wall!



-desired outcome: creating the best artificial intelligence ever

-purposewe don't know yet, but someone will probably figure it out

-sustainabilityforever or not very long IF ... the market is not ready; if people are not ready to accept it; if the technology is used to feed bad intentions, if...lot of things


The choices you make MUST SERVE A VISION.

We shall not make choices, decisions just because we can.

We do so because they must serve something of value.

To make sustainable choices we must understand that they are the servant of a master,

that is a vision (of what we really want to achieve).

Even if it's obvious to some of you, you'd be surprised how many times decisions are taken without a clear vision, without envisioning the future.


3) sustainability = fuel, really?

Making choices will obviously generate actions, behaviors, consequences...

So to get a bit of sustainability, you must anticipate these actions, behaviors, consequences and ask yourself if they are congruent with the desired result and congruent with the vision.

Sustainability involves also that you are able to support the choices you've made.


That means: how are you going to fuel them? How are you going to feed your choices in the long run?

If your choices rely only on some natural talents that you have, then it should not be a big deal.

If your choices rely on other people, other resources then it's getting way more complicated.


The sustainability of your choice depends also about your environment:

financial environment, economic, social, market, mindset, people involved, human capital, 

material resources, corporate organization...

If some parts of the environment are not "up to the level" yet, then

- you have to think if you can positively influence/change it

- how you can influence/change it,

- what will it take/cost to influence/change it?

Well, there's a moment you can't escape from a bit of planning. 😉

And from being a bit strategic!


4) sustainability needs "human fuel", really!

When it comes to making your choices sustainable - it doesn't matter the choices involve only you or hundreds of other "partners" (aka workforce)-

there's a moment you'll notice that the ones who fuel the sustainability of your choices are ... PEOPLE (or just YOU, if your choice involves only you).


What a big surprise!


If you want people to fuel your wonderful choices, then there are a few requirements!

Well, ONE! But ONE that needs a few things to happen!

This one thing is called ENGAGEMENT

So, either people are engaged or not (and some variations in between)

If they are engaged, will they stay engaged?

One question you need to answer is: will the job (tasks,...) make you/them miserable?

if yes, you got a problem!

Will you/them get motivated?


To get motivated you/people will need

1) to gain AUTONOMY/MASTERY/PURPOSE through the implications of the job (tasks,...)

2) to have physical safety => can I make my house payment? Can I afford to live the life I need to live?...

3) to feel belonging => Do I feel accepted by the crew that I'm part of? Do I feel valued?...

4) to feel becoming => Do I become my best self? Can I improve, grow and have opportunities to contribute to something meaningful?...


To wrap-up things a bit, making sustainable choices is [almost] a piece of cake!

And, of course, we all and always make sustainable choices!

Not that difficult, isn't it?

P.S: to make all these pieces working fine together, we need some oil. And this oil is communication.


Your "likes", "share" and comments will be well appreciated. 😉



All in all, there are plenty of ways to describe what my job is, or can be.

But to relate to this article, I can simply say that I help private and corporate clients to make sustainable choices through facilitation, coaching, human capital expertise, people matters expertise.

And I oil all these parts with supportive and strategic communication.

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