How To Move Your Career Forward With The Right Approach.

Of course from a person to another, needs and situations changes.  So, I've listed some of the common situations people (you or your employees) usually meet:

- you may see your career at risk because you can't get along with your direct n+1 or you have difficulties to make things done,

- you may see your contract coming to an end and you'd like to secure a new position inside your current company,

- you may have been fired,

- you may be just entered in a new job and you know that the first 100 days will "break or make it" - you got 100 days to convince,

- you may need to take some distance from your previous job experiences to rethink what new direction to take for the evolution of your career,

- preparing a job interview,

- preparing the next meeting with your HR to discuss your career evolution,

- ...

Well, there are many different situations that can be included in the terms "career evolution", "career transition", "career development".

Once, we'll get clear about your situation, I'll walk you through an adapted and proven process that may include (and  not limited to):

- a career plan, a development plan,

- clarification, identification of career goals,

identification of potential strengths and weaknesses,

- identify potential next steps and how to get there,

- developing your personal brand,

- 100 days to succeed in a new role,

- getting things done,

- managing your n+1,

- communicating simply and powerfully,

- preparing for a job interview,

- preparing for a career evolution interview.

Whether you are a private customer or a corporate customer (your company pays for you), the delivery of services is quite similar.


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