Redesigning, reengineering culture: "culture change", "culture management", "culture transformation", "culture evolution".

All these terms are big concerns in today's corporate world.

Why? Probably... NO, very certainly because if an organization "can't make it", it's very often a matter of cultureAs the well known and well respected Peter Drucker said: "Culture eats strategy every day at breakfast".

Said in another way, it doesn't matter that your strategy is brilliant and your goals ambitious if you don't have the proper corporate culture, it won't work! It won't work without the right culture, because the current culture will undermine every effort you make. Writing a slogan on your corporate website or a few "value" words in the lobby of your headquarter won't change anything. Because stated values and values-in-action are not the same.

Your corporate culture is somehow the personality of your organization. As a consequence, it defines the environment in which your employees work.

You've probably already heard the association of these two words "toxic culture". Your culture is probably not toxic, but if it doesn't allow the implementation of the strategy, then your culture isn't appropriate.


So, if your organization needs to turn around performance, and the issues go much deeper than strategy and financial performance. Then, it's time to reshape your organizational culture.

If you envision a corporate culture of high-performance, then I'll walk you through a proven process where

- you'll understand what culture really is and what it will take you to lead the change,

- you'll gracefully avoid the 6 top mistakes leaders make when trying to change the culture,

- you'll be able to communicate the "why" of culture change,

- you'll learn how to model the new culture and how to go first,

- you and your leadership team will be able to set the right tone,

- you'll put the right structure to support the new culture,

- you'll see that your intent and impact with all employee is consistent.


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