Leverage Your Current Users / Customers Lists.
Nothing to Create. Nothing to Manage.

Real Partnership that brings you money each time.

A Game Changer Way of Doing Business!!!

The Principle?

You may not know this kind of way of making money online.
So, I'm going to explain how it's called and how it works.

It's called "Affiliation" and so you become my "affiliates".


Affiliation involves technology.
The technology does 2 thing:

  1. registering you as an affiliate for a specific product,
  2. making sure you are paid for the product sold through your efforts.

From my side,

  1. the technology allows me to accept affiliation requests, and know who sold what to who and when;
  2. the technology allows me to manage the affiliates and their comissions, and so to pay people.

From your side,

the ONLY REQUIREMENT is to have a Business Paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account I can't pay you your commissions. So, create one, it's free. Go to the Paypal website and follow their procedure.
The technology (not paypal) will also gives you access to a dashboard for your affiliations.

The technology is not provided by Expat Solution Coaching, it's a third party provider.
For your own information, this third party provider is also taking a commission on every sale made through their service. Their commission is not deductible from your commission. So, if I give you 20%, you really get 20% commission. It's me who pay their commission. So I get 80%  of the transaction minus their commission.


To become my affiliates, there's a simple process.

  1. You make a request to become my affiliates.
    And below in this page you will be able to make affiliation requests for each (and the coming trainings) I'm providing.

  2. I accept your request. As I accept your request you receive a special link for the service/product you want to sell.

Why partenering with me?

Do you recognize these situations?

Situation 1

You've probably been approched (or maybe you approached!) by people or professionals that wanted to "partner" with you. And they end up by selling you some kind of online or off line advertizing package. I know this situation. I've been approached many times by these kinds of offers for both online and off line advertisements. And some even asked me up to 4000 euros for being in their paper magazine. Kind of crazy, because they couldn't provide any data that made sense to me for my business model.

You took a moment to think about it and you maybe even bought the advertizing package. And there was a moment you wondered how many visitors you got from these advertisements, and then you wondered how many buyers did you get from these visitors.

You'll maybe tell me "it depends about what you sell"... which is kind of true. But after a while, you just realized that the only "winner" of this kind of partnership is the company who sold you their advertizing package. Ugly fact, but the truth!

Situation 2

You had some kind of agreement that if you send prospects to a partner and then if they turn paying clients, your partner pays you a commission - which is normal.

Maybe your partner is very honest and gives you all the time the commission. But... maybe not. He's not paying your due! He's not paying your due because is 1) not honest, 2) he doesn't know the prospect comes from you and you don't have much means to know which prospect becomes a client.

Now, why partnering with me is always a WIN-WIN plan!

All the products I sell are high quality products - training programs, self-coaching programs.
Until now I never had any complaint!

Each product comes with a professionally designed sales page, with proven to convert scripts and videos!

Each product is in an acceptable range of price. You will have a special sales page for each product you sell. This page differs from the one publicly available on the website. There's a good reason for that!

1) For the regular visitor, he finds the regular sales page. He doesn't have any confusion. No "why 2 different pages for the same product?"

2) I will always give you a lower price for your clients.
This is not to diminish your commission. By the way, I diminish as well my part of profit.
No, what I want for you is that YOU ARE ABLE TO SAY TO YOUR CLIENTS:

3) I give you the marketing material to present the offer.

4) The technology I previoulsy talked about allows to know which visitor becomes a paying client and buys what and when. So you can be sure that each visitor you send to the offer and that becomes a client will bring you a commission! It's automatically added to your account. NO NEED TO CROSS THE FINGERS. NO GUESS WORK INVOLVED!

5) Your customers are safe, because I offer a money back guaranty - usually a 30 days. This involves as well that I will pay your commission every month with 30 days delay.

For each offer you will promote you will have a special link and I suggest you hide it behind a  "buy now" or "get access now" button or image of a button (like the buttons below). I can give you an image of a button if you need one. This link is generated by the technology and this how the technology recognize that the client comes from you. It's because he hits this link.

I suggest you create on your website a page called something like "training programs" or "coaching programs" and paste the videos and "buy now or "get access now" buttons.

Depending on wich business you're in, you can also add in your signature email a line saying something like "Make Your Expat Career Progress Now click here" (write something pertinent to your business and to the offer) and hide the link to your special webpage or your affiliate link. This is a smart way to increase your chances to make sales.

The Trainings and Self-Coaching Programs

you can promote and sell throught your affiliation link

Once you click on "request Your Affiliate Link here"
Give your first name, name and email address.
Then you will see this ===========================>

Then check your email box (spam box), because you have received an automatic email with the subject line
"Login information for your GeniusMark" to log to the platform, where you will see if your affiliation request has been approved or not yet. Just fill the other informations requested about your business paypal account to receive your commissions.


Fast Forward Your Next Expat Career Evolution -
Get Winning Mindests For Success

Public sales page here

Affiliate Sales Page here

Commission Level: 20%

Request Your Affiliate Link here


Prepare Your Next Job Interview
Like a Champion Does

Public sales page here

Affiliate Sales Page here

Commission Level: 20%

Request Your Affiliate Link here

Stay tune. Other trainings and self-coaching programs to come soon!