Rise of new leaders in the right places, in order to prepare for the future. Let's talk about succession planning.

First, let's be straight about what "succession planning" services Expat Solution Coaching does not provide.
Some of you, when reading the words "succession planning", may immediately think about some kinds of services provided by lawyers, insurers (life insurance) or notaries.
We don't provide these kinds of services. It's out of our business scope and of our expertise.

So, what situations are calling our expertise? Glad you ask!

You'll have to think about succession planning if

- you think to sell your business;
 Depending on the size of your business, the importance of your role in your business, if you "leave it", your company may lose 50 to 75% of its value. Hard cold truth... and even harder to accept, isn't it?

- for reasons that are yours, you plan to hands the business off;
Then, you understand that you need to put somebody in your place. You may already have one person in mind. But is everything right in place, well ordered for him/her to replace you?

- you need to develop a pipeline of leaders and strengthen the organization;

- you are already aware that you need a succession plan, but you don't know where to start;

- various members of the executive team will be leaving or retiring, and you are aware that it's going to deeply impact the organization, so you need to be prepared.


Don't worry, I have a proven to work process that I'll walk you through in order to

improve the value of the enterprise,
- develop more leaders,
- feel more confident and secure about the future,
- build a foundation of solid leadership and organizational development,
- build a stronger organization.


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