You don’t have any leadership problem, do you?
But, if you have a problem, then it’s a leadership problem!


Let me make myself clearer.       

Most leadership consultants and experts believe leaders face specific issues that are specific to leaders.
As a consequence, they categorize leadership issues as different from management issues (for example). And I’m not saying they’re wrong!

I’m telling you that if you are in a leadership position, THEN the issues you face as a leader are in the realm of your leadership responsibilities. As a consequence, they are leadership issues!


I’m not oversimplifying things, I’m just putting back responsibilities where they should be. Because every issue that is affecting you as a leader is affecting the project and the people you lead.
Of course, some issues are more personal than professional.

Every expat individual in a leadership role, a day or another, has or will experiment some leadership issues.


                    You are lucky, I have the tools, processes, and resources to help you solve your leadership issue.

Solve your leadership issues today!

Below, some example of leadership issues you may experience:

- I’m frustrated with the pace of change in my organization.
- I am great at technology but not great at engaging people.
- I need help resolving conflicts that I have in my organization.
- I am taking on a role in a new country and want coaching to succeed with the transition.
- I am not comfortable delegating.
- I have trouble giving tough feedback to my people.
- I don’t like conflict.
- I run a family-owned business and we have a number of issues that go beyond simply running a business.
- ...

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