Hiring or promoting someone to an existing or new position have something in common:

Answering these 3 questions


1st )  Who do I really need?              How to know who I really need?

2nd )  How to identify without biases the potentials in this person to fit the position?

3rd ) If there’s a war talent out there, then how do I attract, convinced this person to apply?

You are lucky, I have the tools and processes to help you do just that.

Also as I’m not a recruitment agency, I don’t have any conflicting interest.
I won’t urge you to hire my “chosen” candidate because I want to cash in my money as quickly as possible.

Make better hiring, promoting, succession planning decisions today!

Succession Planning is a bit similar to hiring and promoting
with this difference that it’s even more future-oriented.


The consequence is you have to answer the questions:

1st) How to identify the potentials within my pool of employees?

2nd) Who and how should I develop them in order to fill the future open upper positions?


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