Don’t lose your best people!
Don’t lose yourself!


Most expats that end their expatriation don’t receive any support to make their expatriation experience profitable for themselves and their company.
And quite a lot of them go for another company. This is a real loss!

Most expats – if not all of them- need someone to talk to and able to      

  1.  understand their expatriation experience – what they lived and how they experienced it;        
  2.  make them take some distance from their experience, make them reflect on it about the added value they can now bring to the table;    
  3.  make them stir up the best from their experience;      

  4. make them able to communicate explicitly how they can add value to the company;
  5. make them able to build some kind of personal brand;

  6. make them able to prepare their next career move.


                     You are lucky, I am expert in debriefing expatriation experiences and coaching for the next career step.

Don't waste precious talents and experiences anymore!

Stop the talent leak today!

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