What the hell is going on in my company, in this department, in this branch?

Value generation oriented organizations make more money, attract and keep better employees,
and make a bigger 
difference in the world!


Before making any correcting actions, you need to know with precision what the real issue(s) is (are)!

Experiences, value science, and systemic science have shown that things are rarely as simple as we would like them to be.      

But, it doesn’t mean solutions are always hard or expensive to implement.
However, without the right diagnostic, you’ll waste a lot of valuable resources (time, money, people…).


You are lucky, I have the tools, processes, and resources to help you know what’s really going on and probably how to fix it.

If necessary, I'll manage other experienced consultants I work with, that will help build and implement the solution.

Solve your organizational issues today!

Organizational Culture and Change

The overall culture of ANY organization is the direct image, “transcript”, reflection of the composite value structure - ie "way of valuing"- of its people.

Said in another way, the way people value themselves, others, things, rules, systems is going to have a direct impact on their actions, within their field of responsibilities.

AND IT WILL DETERMINE THE “at their level” CULTURE and  SHAPE THE OVERALL CULTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION, proportionally to the impact they have in the organization!

So bigger is the impact a person has on an organization, bigger its own culture / way of valuing has an impact on the overall organizational culture. And I bet you'd probably prefer this person to be within your leadership team!

Now, you probably understand better why Peter DRUCKER said

"Culture eats Strategy for breakfast."

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