Team Building is not what you think it is!


For most professionals in the realm of training or event industry, team building activities are nothing more than entertaining activities involving … a “supposed to be/ to become” team.

The entertaining activities are very often supposed to be at least pleasant. People can even have a good to a great time together.

I’ve seen it so much in France, in China, in Vietnam, and - let’s say it - almost anywhere in the world.

This is a grave misconception!

Let’s start at the beginning, you need a team if you have a project that you can’t lead alone!
So, you need a team if you have a project, at least one goal and a vision.
If you miss one of them, it’s going to be difficult to build a team, to build a
“responsive” team.


A responsive team is able to face challenges, to come up with ideas, some form of creativity, to “absorb” the negative energy of bad events - that will inevitably happen- and bounce back.

A responsive team supports other team members. Each member has a clear vision of its role, its field of responsibility and knows what he has to do. 

Inside a responsive team, there is trust. Trust in the project. Trust in other team members. Trust in the team leader. Trust in the company.

As you can now guess, building this kind of responsive team is     
1) likely not going to happen by mere chance around a football game;     
2) a bit more difficult than expected.


                     You are lucky, I can help you to build these kinds of teams.

Make your team a "A TEAM" !

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