The real nature of Talent – part 3 – the nature of talent induces the nature of assessment


This article is the 3rd of a series.

We previously saw the formula of the "Impact of a skill"

then we precisely defined the nature of this "Mind Ability".

And now we'll talk about how to identify and measure this "Mind Ability".


Identifying Talents: leave the confusion

I wish now you have a better understanding of what talent really is.

However, I cannot let you go without warning you about identifying talents,

lots of confusions are made:

between skills and subconscious value judgment abilities (ie talent),

between knowledge, skills and subconscious value judgment abilities,

between what we can do (knowledge, skills, experience) and what we will

really do (context, emotional states of mind,…),

between what we are really able to do and WHY we do it or not!


Identifying Talents: the nature of talent induces the nature of assessment

To make myself clearer, if you don’t have tools or access to tools,

grounded in science that studies value judgments, to identify and

measure the subconscious value judgment of a person, of a team,

of an organization



Whatever is this "something else", it may be useful ...

that's not the matter, but it's just not TALENT.

You may measure behaviors, one of the different kinds of intelligence,

computer skills, reading skills, motivations…


A luminous comparison

If you allow me a comparison, it will probably be more obvious:

“you don’t measure the speed of light with a thermometer!

You may even be able to make some correlation, but not much more.”

Here for more about statistic correlation and causation.


Any metric-assessment?

So, you probably already understood that you can't measure talents

with psychometric assessments, neither skills assessments nor

behavioral assessments.

You measure and identify VALUE JUDGMENTS

ONLY with

VALUEMETRIC assessments!



About the author, Xavier helps companies with their international development and expatriate individuals in different ways, but based on of their intrinsic Human Success Factors.

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