We aim to become one of the most Trusting Partner in our niche market, serving
expat leaders/ managers/ entrepreneurs, HR leaders, boards of directors and their organizations
when it comes to assisting them to

1) develop, deploy and implement their leadership abilities in the real business world, not in the realm of the fantasized academic world,
2) with people related decision-making process, and
3) with career development, evolution and change issues.




  • Helping to clarify “what’s going on here?”
  • Helping to clarify and reveal the potential weaknesses and forces of the people we are “in charge of” and their stakeholders.
    Said in another way, mapping out their human capital.
  • Helping to clarify the mind, ideas and making realistic and workable plans.
  • Helping to “get and go real” by challenging assumptions and by implementing actions.
  • Helping to design a coherent, understandable and realistic roadmap of the future.
  • Helping to develop a superior sense of Connection, Significance, and Certainty with
    1) the business issue and their stakeholders, and
    2) at a personal (intrinsic) level.
  • Providing, designing relevant assessments about people and organizations.
  • Providing support, frameworks, and processes to implement development and change.
  • Providing entry level of investment in our way of working and thinking in the form of webinars, articles and online trainings that are really good value for the money.
  • Making sense and use of science and academic researches




All business people working for or with us (partners, clients) are unique and bring their unique contribution to our and their world. We recognize and value that.


Creativity / Adaptability & Customization
We believe that models and frameworks are not cages but useful parameters to express creativity, to find solutions to problems. Creativity in this context allows flexibility.

Flexibility allows us to adapt and customize our approaches to our customers. We meet our customers WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW.         
We believe people can be creative in some fields. It doesn’t mean “discovering the inner sleeping artist”. You are creative … even at finding examples and arguments about “how much you are not creative”.


Building Harmony
In some circumstances, chaos can produce some positive outcomes. Harmony is an order that brings peace of mind, fruitful relationships, reproducibility, a higher feeling of safety, of certainty, and allows more “mind space and resources” to manage uncertainty.


Pragmatism / Reality Orientation
While we are convinced education is fundamental to understand the complex reality and making sense of it, we have a saying

“it’s not on the battlefield that you have to read the Art of War, from Sun Tzu. It’s too late”.

All this means that maybe, like us, you have several years of university behind you, and, in some ways, it may have been challenging, boring or whatever... but the academic world (most of the time) is not living in your business reality.
We pride ourselves to prepare people and deliver what works for real. We also accept the fact that the future is not 100% predictable. As a consequence, what we do, teach, advise, and coach people about may not work 100% of the time, but it has the greatest probability to work.